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Goodbye My Friends, leaving Tottie

It’s been 2 ½ years since I first became involved with Tottie and what an amazing 2 ½ years they’ve been! It all started when I entered a Facebook competition to meet the designers at Tottie HQ in Leeds. I had an amazing day finding out about the new lines, what the designers were trying out and giving my opinion (of course). I remember being adamant that Tottie girls love bright colour and loving that Tottie’s designs meant they could wear their outfits away from the stable yard too. I really felt like I clicked with what Tottie was trying to do, so I was over the moon when Sami asked me to blog for them, I love writing and sharing my adventures with Tottie fans was perfect for me.

Within a few months I really started to feel like part of “Team Tottie” and then Sami asked me if I was interested in being an Ambassador for their Tweed collection. Was I!?! I took Sami’s arm off there and then, the tweeds were fabulous and right up my street, the shorts suit was soo cute and I still love and wear the classic Zara jacket now! I wore them everywhere, including appearing on Canter Banter television programme. I was so proud so be working with such a great company, I’ve worked alongside 3 lots of #Select girls and have to say that every single one I have met has been a real role model and lovely girl. I am sure that I’ve made friends for life.

I had a ball doing snapchat takeovers, from huge shows, to days at the yard and even to a waterpark I loved taking you all with me and had so much fun. Over time the blogs have changed, I have really bought into the Tottie girl’s value of changing the world, one hoofprint at a time, and have been very lucky to be able to share my thoughts and feelings about serious issues I would like to see changed in the horse world. The Tottie blogs have been a great platform to show off not just the great clothes, but the girlpower and generous and kind spirit of all of the girls I have worked with.

Knowing it was time for contract renewals, this autumn I thought a lot about my time with Tottie and where there was left to go. There is a fabulous bunch of #Select18 girls waiting in the wings to breathe new life into the brand and bring fresh new ideas and pictures, so I decided that it was time for me to step down and let other people have the chance to shine.

I will always be a huge fan of the brand and I’m sure that we’ll work together again in the future. I have lots of ideas and plans for my social media channels including HorseChatHour on Twitter where I regularly promote lots of brands and Tottie among them. I hope you’ll continue to support and follow the new Select girls as they start their exciting journey with Tottie just as much as you’ve supported me. This is my last Tottie blog and I’m going to miss you all so much.

Love and kisses

Alanna xoxox

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