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A Day at Hope Pastures

Being a Tottie Brand Ambassador isn’t just about me me me, we love and care about all horses so I decided to take a trip to Hope Pasture Rescue in Leeds, and find out more about it, you may have caught my Tottie snapchat takeover from there. Follow Tottieclothing on Snapchat to catch all the girl’s takeovers as we do them, we answer all your questions too!


It was a grey morning when we arrived at the Rescue. First we sat in the visitor enjoying the lovely atmosphere and chatting with Sarah who would be showing us around for the day. Just outside were the stables where all the smaller ponies were kept , the doors were only just up to waist height, and each door had its own personalised name plaques, so cute.

Through a gate we saw two gorgeous donkeys standing quietly. Coco was adorable and licked my face, but Banjo was a little more timid. Both of these donkeys are permanent residents but Sarah explained that they often rehome other donkeys. We passed a wall which had pictures of horses and donkeys and even a few chickens showing those that were gone but never forgotten. I was really moved because it showed how much these animals were cared for.

Moving on, we got a glimpse at where the bigger horses were kept, and I was impressed at how neat and tidy everything was, I’m not nearly as organised. I really wanted to share out some treats but I learned that visitors weren’t allowed to give treats, I guess just like with any other horses and ponies it might cause nipping.

Strolling up along the path between two fields Sarah explained that they had resurfaced to make access easier for people with mobility problems and despite the rain I have to say we stayed pristine clean. We met many, horses Sarah giving us history one each one, all munching happily on hay. Suddenly I realised that I was in the presence of media Royalty, my eyes landed on a certain short figure. Muffin the Mule, Hope Pasture’s very own media star and blogger in all his (very tiny) sassy glory. I’d looked forward to seeing him in real life and here he was, he’s the most adorable cross between a donkey and a mini Shetland, very small but clearly with a huge personality.

Next we saw the adorable Shetlands. They were very curious about us, one even going as far as sticking his head through the gaps of the fence to nose at my box of Equerry Minty Treats that I’d brought, a typical cheeky Shetland. On the way back, Sarah led us up a path lined with pretty flowers at the back of the stables, it was so serene, with plaques to commemorate lost animals.

Finally back to the visitors centre we shared an Easter egg, and hot drinks and I chose a Muffin the Mule keyring to take home from the range of gifts.

Beautifully presented, Hope Pastures is a lovely place and I can’t wait to go back. With adoptions costing only £15 a month, I’d say it would be totally worth looking into. Or you can help in other ways by volunteering, or just visiting and buying a gift. There are lovely rescue centres all over the country, why not check out what’s local to you? I will definitely go again.

Alanna xoxox

*Blog first published Tottie Clothing

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