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Tottie - Top of the Tweeds

Top of the Tweeds

I couldn't wait to get home to see my brand new Tottie tweeds! I knew they would be lovely, but when I actually saw them in real life was when I was hit by how gorgeous these tweeds actually are.

The Moss Zeena Tweed Blazer is simply stunning, The bright blue lining and the lush purple velvet lining of the collar coming together to truly represent Tottie in their iconic colours. Both of the bright colours are striking against the dark mossy green on the tweed, contrasting beautifully. As this is designed to be quite a relaxed fit, I would suggest that if you were between sizes or prefer a more fitted look, to go for the smaller size. I wore mine out everywhere, including walking the dog on a bright winter day, being 100% wool, even though this is a lightweight tweed, I was still cosy! Gorgeous with a pair of blue jeans, a polo-neck, and a pair of boots, mix up your colours so you can hold your head high knowing you look fabulous in this amazing jacket.

is absolutely divine, its cut giving you a military edge, the antique buttons and mock pockets accentuating that idea. The gorgeous light blue velvet trim and pink lining picking out the colours in the tweed check, giving a super modern twist to what was after all the original performance fabric! I love that Tottie gives this tweed such a young bold edge and where the Zeena is more sophisticated and striking, the Mary is light and fun. Again this is a loose fit, so if you prefer a more fitted look or are between sizes, I would order a smaller size than your normal choice. Perfect with a dark shirt,and black or brown boots, I wore mine with the Walnut Tweed Glasto Shorts, and a super fluffy headwarmer so I looked stylish and warm.

Finally the Tweed Glasto Shorts in Walnut are super cute and will work well with several of the different Tottie Jackets. A typical Tottie twist is the blue velvet trim on the pockets matching the blue velvet on the Mary jacket, adding to the fun feeling that just seems to come with this outfit. These can be worn whatever the weather, 100% wool, but lightweight, I wore them with tights because I'm a typical English Rose and have very fair skin, and well, it IS winter!!! They will look totally adorable with and without tights, I tried them with the Tottie Swithun base layer that truely can be worn everywhere and teamed up with the Walnut Mary Tweed.

I absolutely adore all of these tweeds, I'd give them a 10/10.

Alanna xoxox

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