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Dancing Up a Storm

This blog was first published on Tottie Clothing's site on 2nd November 2015. I've put a link at the bottom of this page!

As usual mum and I were running late when we arrived for my regular lesson with Hannah Moody. Big, black, clouds pressed down from the sky and the air was humid and thick, threatening a storm. Quick as we could, we unloaded Katrina, tacked her up with almost impossible speed and flew into the arena in the nick of time, just as it started to rain.

Hannah asked me what I’d like to work on and I explained that Katrina sometimes jogs in the walk, throwing away marks, and I’d like to look at ensuring Katrina is always supple because sometimes she feels as wooden as a plank. First we worked on the walk, making sure Katrina was going forward and really enagaging her backend. Hannah asked me to be quite firm about going forward whilst ensuring I soft with my hands; it was really important that I wasn't tense. It worked really well! We had just moved to working on canter transitions when Becky came in on a beautiful chestnut mare accompanied by flickers of lightning and rumbles of thunder, a very dramatic entrance!

By now the rain was really getting heavy, the noise of the water on the roof was deafening, I could barely hear Hannah. Soon the drains were overflowing and water was flooding the gateway. Everyone realised what was happening and dashed to put buckets out to stop the torrent that was threatening to flood the school. Mum walked Becky's mare keeping her calm while everyone ran about. Suddenly, with a great clap of thunder, the school lights went out plunging us into darkness. Katrina was so good, I was more worried by the booming of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning than she was. I was so proud of her, the storm was right overhead and she didn't bat an eyelid.

Finally the lights flickered into life and we got back to work picking up where we’d left off, working on the suppleness in canter. Round and round we went, keeping inside bend, dancing to the rumble of thunder in the distance. By the end of the lesson my body felt like jelly. Hannah explained that we would work medium soon when we have an established frame in all three of the paces.

I watched Becky as I cooled down, and was amused how as she went across the diagonal doing one time changes, casually chatting about curry like it was the easiest thing in the world. So funny and a very exciting lesson!

Thank you as always to my amazing sponsors. I couldn't do this without your support, you're AMAZING. Stone House Solutions and The Emporium at Wentworth, and also to Tottie Clothing and Style Reins online magazine for the support and help you give me, it means a lot. Last thank you to my mum also known as my PA. You're brill!

Alanna x

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