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Book Review The Glory by Lauren St John

I've never really been a big fan of equestrian themed books. You can normally count on finding me with my nose buried in a dystopian or vampire novel, but when I was sent a copy of The Glory by Lauren St John I decided to give it a go. After all, there are only so many good vampire and science fiction books out there, so I really need to broaden my tastes in literature!

Alexandra Blakewood has always wanted a horse, but has to make do with simple riding lessons. After being sent to a camp for troubled teenagers, she learns of a gruelling1,200 mile race with a $250,000 prize, and from right under the eyes of the sadistic owner of the camp, she escapes taking with her a half wild mustang that was headed for the knacker. On the way Alex experiences money problems and a charming young man who helps her without knowing her. But what will happen when the boy of her dreams who helped her for no reason, turns out to be a rival competitor? Alex can't afford distractions. She needs to win. She needs to prove herself.

Will Greyton the boy of Alex's dreams is struggling. Working at a burger joint, trying to make ends meet, and searching for a place to keep his loyal horse, things are already bad when his dads health takes a turn for the worse. His dad needs an operation but it is expensive, so when Will learns of the same endurance race and it's huge cash prize, he embarks on a mission to save his dad's life. Is he as prepared as he thought when he is faced with sly race clerks, vicious competitors, and an enchanting enigma of a girl that he can't help but be drawn to?

Why you should read it: With breathtaking descriptions, an amazing plot, and characters that you feel you can really relate to, you'll love The Glory. It's not a horse book it's a fabulous story that happens to have horses in it! I really related to Will and Alex, they have backgrounds, futures, dreams, and you can't really find that just anywhere. I really enjoyed this book, it has inspired me to read more equestrian books, and to maybe even start using my experiences with horses into writing a book of my own! It's going to be a 10/10 from me!!!

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