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Tottie Maven Tie-Dye Breeches in Berry User Test.

I originally fell in love with these breeches from the very first moment I saw them, I adored the pattern and how different they looked from other breeches out there. I already had the Maven jacket in Berry and Katrina has the show rug in the same colour so I was really pleased when I received a pair of these in Berry as a surprise. When I unwrapped them I wasn’t disappointed at all these look even nicer in real life than in the photos, they’re a beautiful deep colour.

I couldn’t wait to wear my lovely new breeches, so the first chance I got was the next day when we went to the yard then the beach. We were going to the seaside in North Wales to meet and adopt a dog so I put them on...

We got up at dark o’clock to ride Katrina before leaving, I didn't want to miss a session as we had a big show coming up and I wanted to make sure we’d practiced because she's so green. The breeches were so comfy, they’re mega stretchy and I didn’t feel restricted in any way when riding. Katrina gets quite hot but I stayed cool in the breeches which surprised me because I thought they might be a little warm but they were great.

Later after a long boring drive we got to the seaside to meet Boss the bullmastiff who lived literally 1 minute from the shore I was so jealous!!! Mum wanted to take some photographs of me wearing a special bracelet, but I had plenty of time to play with Boss in the sand and along the shoreline. I had so much fun running about with him, in and out of the water, jumping and chasing and generally just fooling around. I forgot that I was wearing breeches, I love the materials that were used, they were so comfy and I felt great doing everything.

I think they got a full test run that day because by the end they were covered in sand, salt water and dog drool (ewww!). Back home I just brushed the sand off, mum checked the instructions, put them in the washing machine and they came out looking as good as new.

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