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Tottie Headquarters!!!

When I saw the competition to meet the designers at Tottie I knew I had to enter, I love Tottie's clothes and thought I would love to go along and find out more I put my entry in telling them how I liked their bright colours and the idea of crossover clothes that you didn't only wear for riding, and I couldn't believe it when they announced my name along with the other winners on their Facebook page!!! Mad panic followed trying to sort my transport to Bradford for the day as there was no way I could miss this!!!

When the day came I was actually quite nervous about meeting the designers at Tottie, I really love their clothing and desperately wanted to make a good impression but wondered if they'd be interested in what I thought really. My scary Godmother Mandie had agreed to drive me there and was my chaperone because mum unfortunately had to work. We had a bit of difficulty finding the entrance, but luckily we had set off early so as it was I was only the second person to arrive. Sami met us and showed us to the room where we would sit, and I said hi to Imogen the only other person there so far. Soon enough, the other girls (Francesca and Gabby- though Gabby was an intern but was still there to help) arrived and the two designers, Becky and Lauren entered and so the day began.

To start with they brought in this year's summer line and this year's autumn/winter line in on a rack. At first I was confused because I thought that the winter line was the next years summer line instead of this years winter line, and I couldn't understand why the colours were so dark for summer!!! But it was quickly explained to me what they were and I understood what I was looking at - phew!!! Next we discussed the pros and cons of the clothes on the rack. I fell in love with the materials that they were using, and although they weren't as bright as I hoped they were amazing!!! I just love bright flashes of BOOM colour that Tottie like to use!!! These clothes are seriously nice and I think I'll be adding some to my collection.

Next Lauren and Becky brought in a collage full of different pictures, most of the pictures were of very sporty clothes, the type you might see in major sportswear manufacturers whilst we talked about ideas and how this translated to Tottie's range and what they like to do. As I learned during the discussion it turns out that the whole "sporty clothing" (running leggings, tank tops, sports bras, etc.) had become very popular on the market, so they were trying to bring a more "sporty" vibe to the riding wear. I actually thought this was really good having crossover clothes and was exactly what I said in my competition entry so that you wouldn't have to wear the clothes for riding, you'd be able to wear them going out for a jog or down to the gym or simply to the shops!!!

Lunch was soooooooo good, the sandwiches were so stuffed with delicious fillings and I enjoyed talking to everyone. Mandie and Sami came in to eat with us and we were allowed to look at some catologues, including next years one!!! SQUEAL!!!!! And I kid you not, some of the clothes, I think I'm in love... but it's a secret I won't tell... "wink"

Sadly what felt all too soon after lunch, we were finished. We were given some goody bags filled with a super cute T-shirt that I love, an adorable scarf, and a nice pair of socks and some catalogues, what a lovely surprise!!! Then we were told that we could try some clothes on if we wanted, talk about spoilt for choice, they have so many gorgeous clothes I didn't know where to start!!! I was surprisingly tired after 3 hours of solid thinking, and we thanked Sami, Lauren and Rebecca before heading home from an amazing day.

Thank you so much to Tottie for allowing us to come to Tottie Headquarters, I feel like you really listen to what your customers want and I'm really excited to see what you do next!!! Also to Sami, Lauren and Becky for allowing me to share my ideas with you. I loved my day.

You can see Tottie's lovely range at

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