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A Lesson with Becky Moody

I had Becky in my lesson instead of Hannah today for a change because Hannah couldn't make it. It felt a little strange because I've got used to Hannah so I was a little shy again with Becky in the beginning. It was okay though because Becky turned out to be really lovely.

First thing Becky had us do was just you know, do my own style for a bit just so she could get a look at us, then she asked me what I'd like to work on. Because we had our first proper British Dressage competition the next day I wanted to work on the canter, getting Katrina to keep the canter around the arena and not change legs, and work on the upwards transition to canter especially on the right rein.

To help with the transitions, Becky taught me to actually give Katrina some warning by asking for a half halt, rather than randomly springing the aid on her!!! Also, she noticed that I was asking for too much inside bend and giving too much with the outside rein, making the canter unsteady and fast, and me not being able to steer very well. So Becky had us flexing to the inside, outside and straight, teaching me to influence Katrina with my outside rein as well, making it so I actually had much more control of her shoulders and neck.

Once we'd done loads of transitions and were getting it right consistantly we had a few goes at center lines, which, in all fairness, weren't too horrific. I learned to ride straight and forward out of a wobble instead of trying to correct it because then I was over correcting!!! Then to finish the lesson off Becky began to teach us the basics of medium trot of which about 7\10 were probably just a rushed trot but we did get an actual proper huge medium trot at least once.

A different lesson to what I'm used to because Becky does actually teach quite differently from Hannah, but it was still really good, I would totally jump at the chance of another!!! Thank you so much to Becky Moody for stepping in to teach me at the last minute so I wasn't disappointed and to my amazing sponsors The Emporium at Wentworth and Stone House Solutions, Your support is amazing!!!

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