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Moody Lesson 4 for Katrina

It had been a month since our last lesson with Hannah and while some things had improved like Katrina's canter is getting more balanced with correct strike offs and we're starting to get there with a square halt, but there were a whole bunch of different issues I needed help with instead. Mum explained to Hannah what had happened at the competitions and summed it up by saying I wasn't being effective enough as Katrina is not listening to me. I agreed, yes I had got Katrina to the point where we went around the school looking very pretty and nice, but it was all on her terms and if she decided she didn't much fancy doing something I couldn't deal with it properly

Hannah had me ride round for a bit while she had a look, it's always a little intimidating there to begin with and tonight was no different I was working around a horse doing Grand Prix movements that Becky was teaching in the school at the same time, but Katrina didn't seem to mind at all It soon became clear that Katrina needed a little more motivation, because whenever I asked her to be supple she would simply slow down or fall in and that was affecting the rythm in all her paces so I borrowed one of Hannah's whips that were on the wall. That soon got her moving, not always forward though, I found out that Trakehners have big bucks too!!! Katrina's only had a short jumping crop down her shoulder for jumping, also add in that this schooling whip was a bit too long for me so once I accidently smacked her without meaning to! Poor Katrina! I was off guard because Katrina was the sweet one, I never could have imagined gentle Kat bucking and I did get a little unseated I was just so surprised lol!!

I got her to go really uphill and forward into my hand and we got the correct canter leads and everything!!! The canter IS coming along really well, and I just need to stop her throwing in flying changes randomly when we go large. Hannah did say this wasn't unusual and was because she isn't yet supple or balanced and not to worry too much as it'll all come. We had a go at some shoulder in for the first time and actually we weren't too bad at it, then when the end of lesson came I was a little disapointed because I'd actually been having loads of fun and once Katrina understood what I was asking she worked the best she ever has.

I now need to carry on working on her suppleness and be more assertive with her, not to the point of cruelty or anything but just firm so she knows she's to do her job, apparently I'm being too precious with her and it's possible to be kind but firm.

I was really pleased with the outcome of the lesson, but was absoulutely knackered!!! Big, huge thanks to Mandy for driving me there and being so helpful and being my number 1 fan, mum for being so supportive and helpful and tolerant of me, and Hannah Moody for taking the time to teach me!!! Overall, a great lesson, had fun and was pleased with the outcome!!! Thank you to my super super sponsors Stone House Solutions and The Emporium at Wentworth xxx

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