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Manor Grange Team Quest

Another first for Katrina, this time we we going to Manor Grange which is about 45 minutes from home. Luckily we left nice and early because this time it was our sat nav that got us lose and we pulled in with only 25 minutes to tack up and warm up, not as long as I hoped for since she's still so new to it all. As luck would have it once I was on we were told they were running about 10 minutes late, so I was relieved to get a little extra time. It was a really warm day, and I was boiling before I even put on my black show-jacket.

If I'm really honest, I wasn't so worried today, I knew the test off by heart and even if anything went wrong I knew wasn't there to win, I was there so Katrina could get some experience and so I could have some fun with my fellow Make Our Dream team mates, Erin and Kelsea. Unfortunately Mollie wasn't able to make it, but we did miss her, it would have been nice too see her as I don't see her that often. Katrina felt fab in the practice ring, shame the same could not be said for the actual test!!! I think we over did it a little in the warm up, first we had and extra 10 minutes, then the judges took a break before us so we went in about 30 minutes past our time, so she was just starting to feel tired I thought.

We took a lovely, big sweeping turn onto the center line and I kid you not, it was the best center line I had ever done!!!! I had set it up perfectly, you know when you've just nailed it? Horse had other ideas though, just as we were going between the poles at A, Katrina spooks at one of them sideways!!! Nooooo!!! So that was my center line done for.... track right, around arena then B/F/A corner there happend to be some water on the track left over from the thunderstorms the night before, and of course Katrina could not possibly get her feet wet so she stopped dead right there and continued to try to stop all through the test which had actually been getting some decent marks in between. I don't normally ride her with a stick and I did feel that after a few good looks a little tap to remind her of her job would have fixed it but I was unable to do much about it. Naughty Katrina! I do forgive her because I love her, and she did her canter strike offs well!!!

Still, we actually got a good score because the bits in between were okay, and our team came first. Plus, that day outlined a new problem for fixing, I've babied Katrina enough now, allowing her to spook and get used to just competing but she is beginning to learn that she can pretend spook and doesn't have to work, so now I've got to be more firm and say "no this is your job, be a big girl, you're going to do it." Big thanks to Mum for putting up with me as I wasn't the most easy person that day lol!!! My amazing sponsors Stone House Solutions and The Emporium at Wentworth. Thanks also to Kelsea and Erin for being awesome team mates xxxx

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