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eglove eQUEST Grip Pro review

A few weeks ago I was invited to review eglove's eQUEST Grip Pro touch screen riding gloves. I was excited to try them because my normal training gloves had died and I think that in a lot of gloves it's difficult to get the 'feel' I like when I'm riding and the thought of being able to use my phone without taking them off got me really interested. I'm a teenager, I go everywhere with my phone!!! The gloves arrived a few days ago and I have been putting them through their paces since.

On first impression I loved the brown/tan shade of my chocolate pair, they felt snug and soft allowing me to easily flex my hands/fingers and they looked very smart, definately nice enough to compete in!!!

So wearing them, Katrina and I were training for her first dressage competition so I wore them to get her ready even though it was a bit warm to wear gloves. I could tack up and put on boots easily, even the flash buckle gave me no problems even though it's small. When I was having my lesson and practicing the next day I found the gloves to be perfect for me, they were as close as you get to wearing no gloves at all. Really good feel and even though it had been very warm and sticky, my hands didn't feel too hot.

The best bit though is that I could stop and tweet without taking my gloves off!!! I liked that. These gloves are summer ones but would probably be great to wear on colder days too.

Would I change anything? Not really, but if the people at egloves bring out a white pair with a few very small crystals I'd love to test those at a dressage competition!!!

Absolutely awesome gloves, so comfy!!!

Available from in Chocolate, Champagne and Black

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