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2nd BD Team Quest Day

Mum was riding in the competition today, so we were both riding Shadow. It was her team against my team, but it meant I also got the chance to be the photographer for a change, taking pics of her and her team. Made me feel all "official" with the big camera. Mum did really well, it felt almost strange to see someone else working Shadow, as I am usually the one riding her but I thought she looked amazing.

At last it was my turn. I was more nervous than usual having had no time to practice for the test, Novice 28, because of how busy we were all week sorting out Lantana arriving and picking her up (my new horse, more in future blogs). Loads of people commented on how much sweeter Shadow was going than before, but mum had to explain to me that even though I had made some serious improvement with the Moody's, it might not necessarily show in my scores yet because it's not always consistant and it is a different judge and sometimes they like different things.

Shadow was such a good girl!!! There were gale force winds and I tell you what, that horse was an angel. I love her so so so much she's amazing!! I felt so proud riding her down the first centre line and she didn't let me down. She did everything I asked and felt like I could ask her anything and she'd try, even though it was so windy she was listening and concentrating on me. The judge didn't seem much impressed with our performance and we scored 62 %, but I didn't care, I couldn't have been happier. I was simply overwhelmed by how "dainty" she seemed. I mean, we don't call her "the Tank" for no reason!!! Lol

Everyone else did so well too, my friend Molly even had part of the arena blow away and we really did pull it out of the bag, winning a team first!!! I might have given Shadow ALL the pack of mints... well she desrved them. We had a really great day, just need to be more active, maybe in my mind I didn't ask her for more because it was so open and windy!

You should have seen us when all the mums and dads were taking photos! We even pulled a high school musical! Jumping into the air as everyone clicked away on their camera!!! I think we were probably the happiest team competing that day. (Oh and we might have beaten mum's team too lol) Love Team Quest so much, it's so much fun!

Thanks to The Emporium at Wentworth for transport, my lovely sponsors Stonehouse Solutions who also help make all of this possible and mum for always being there and helping all the time, I don't know what I'd do without you! Also thanks to Kelsea, Molly, and Erin for all being amazing team mates! Xxxx

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