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Goodbye My Friends

Recently I have lost two of my best friends.

Itzhak, who has been my best pony in the world for the last 2 years has gone to teach another girl how to jump bigger courses. He gave me so many firsts. He took me hunting on my own for the first time, first on hound exercise with the Rockwood and Badsworth & Bramham Moor, then to newcomers days and then out with the Readyfield Bloodhounds for the first time. I learned what it felt like to gallop along the beach for the first time, and to laugh when waves soaked me. I completed a cross country course alone for the first time, and finally had a chance of doing really well in a show jumping competition. I got to go to my first Pony Club rallies with Zhak , and rode him in my first team competitions. Our team won every time and Zhak was a big part of that. And he did all of this for me with a smile on his face, he never let me down.

With Zhak, I never got to reach the end of his ability, I was too busy forgetting courses or having my arm broken!!! I just wish I had the chance to go back in time and do more while I still could. I loved him so much, my horse, my friend, my baby. Good Luck with your lovely new girl Itzhak. I know she'll love you as much as I do.

Only last week I also lost the horse I have known my entire life. Beautiful Salazar. My mum had him for eighteen years and until the last few months I didnt ride him much, didn't even take much notice of him Over the last few months I had been riding him more and more and I started to understand how magical this horse actually was. My mum would spend time with me explaining how to ask him things and he'd just do them without me hardly having to move!!! He was such a character and taught me so much because if I didn't ask properly, Salad would pretend he had no idea what I was talking about!!! He helped me to ride so much better and I always just thought he'd be there, a steady presence. I loved him, adored him but I just never thought he'd ever be gone, just always thought he'd be there, covered in mud in winter and gleaming like polished copper in summer. Now its just empty. At least with Zhak I know he's fine and happy and well. I dont know where Salazar is, cant be sure whether he is alright and happy. I'm scared of death, of the unknown, and I dont know for sure what could be happening to Salady, I want him so desperately to come back and be an idiot all the time, be as camp a row of tents like he always was. I took him for granted, thinking of him as eternal, always thinking he'd be there. I loved him so much and i guess losing him made me realise how easy we can go just like that. And I'm glad that mum and I were there with him in his final moments, so he didnt leave this world thinking he was alone and unloved, which is exactly what some horses have to deal with.

I miss him.

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