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Jumping Lesson with Ruth

Today I had a jumping lesson with ruth, and we worked on my position. because I'd always worked with my stirrups too long, my leg was tended to inch back over a jump, so when she shortend my sirrups, I was forced to keep my leg in place. This however did not feel good as it looked because my legs, only protected by my jodpurs, were now right next to the stirrup leathers, which bit ferociously into my leg, that'll teach me to forget my long boots! I now have a bruise.

Ruth had me alter my position slightly over a grid of 4 obstacles, so I could absorb the jump comfortably through my legs rather than my hips. We didn't do too much more than the small grids


because Shadow had had a pretty gruelling day the day before and couldn't manage anymore work because she felt quite tired which isn't like my cranky mare at all. It was a really good lesson though and I felt like I really learned something that will help me. Thanks so much to Ruth Baxter for taking the time to instruct me, and Stone House Solutions for funding my lessons so generously xxx

xx xoxo showjumperchick

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