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Because of the high winds, part of the wall had come down in the big outdoor school, so I decided to use Salazar in my lesson rather than Shadow because the indoor school is very small for her.

Salazar's stable name is Salad because as a youngster my mum says he was a big wet lettuce! He is 21yo is so old and doesn't get much work these days so can be a little stiff when you first get on hm, so he needed a little extra time to work in to make it easier for him to warm up and feel supple and forward. Of course Salad can be quire lazy and will not work unless you ask him exactly right (In HIS opinion!!!) and he also likes to show his airs above the ground and keeps us all on our toes because he can still have very sharp moments!

We mostly did 5 meter loops and some figure of 8 in canter with a simple change trough trot, just trying to get him to bend laterally, Salazar is quite a well schooled horse in dressage, but is the most wiggly, bannana shaped horse you will ever meet. By the end of the lesson I had him bending and working quite nicely. A big thank you to Ruth Baxter, and my Stonehouse Solutions bursary for these lessons

Showjumperchick xoxo


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