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Le Trec at Moorhouse

I did my first ever trec on the 16th with the White Horse Group at Moorhouse Equestrian Centre. I was so nervous because I really didn't know what I was going to be doing, and riding a strange horse. I enjoyed spending the first half of the day playing photographer for the current Scottish Trec Champion Alexandra Sales! It was so much fun and I actually took some nice pictures.

When it was finally my turn I regretted my hot chocolate with extra sprinkles and cream ( it WAS gorgeous though!!!). But it was okay because I wasn't riding just any horse, I was riding Toffee, Alexandra's world famous chief Bridesmaid and champion Trec horse! So the pressure was on to do well.

Toffee was really fabulous, and looked after me so much considering I barely knew what I was doing, have you ever seen a horse roll it's eyes? Well I'm sure Toffee must have rolled hers several times during the competition. I was doing the pairs class with a lovely lady called Kathryn, she did the first 5 obstacles and Toffee and I did the last 5 and I was so happy to manage everything passably well . Big thank you to Alex for letting me ride her horse and for letting me tag along AND for helping me do my yard jobs in time for when mum got there. I had a fantastic day.

Xoxo Showjumperchick


Even after all the times I wanted to throw up it was still it was an amazing day and so much fun! I am also very proud to say that between us we managed a brilliant score to be placed fourth in my very first trek - thanks to the wonderful Toffee!!!

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