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Badsworth Hunt Newcomers Meet

I went out with the Badsworth Hunt today! It was so much fun, all the Hunt staff were so friendly and helpful! The meet was at 9 in the morning, Itzhak felt fresh and happy to be out and I was so excited. After the Master gave us all some instructions we were off! We jumped out of the first field and had a fabulous gallop up a lovely long slope in front of the Hall. During a break I found some of the other Badsworth PC members, Libby, Edward, Ellie and a lovely girl named Molly who is joining next year. I stayed with Libby for a bit, but soon started working my way to the front, Zhak loves to run and have space to fly over the fences! I did get chatting to Mollie and we had a bit of a giggle, she was very funny and it was nice to pass the time laughing while the ponies have a breather.

We stayed at the front for most of the day! We did lots of fast work, and Zak was a complete super star, he jumped everything with a smile on his face, including fences that I was a bit unsure about but I knew I could trust him. He was as steady as a rock, even when a hound appeared between his legs! We even gave a lead to a few people over jumps, (sometimes by accident - oops!) and when another horse started playing up, he completely ignored it! Zhak is a cool customer. Haha!

Once, when the hunt had to turn around, I got stuck at the back. Everyone got left behind when we were trotting up a hill, and someone shouted that we had to catch up with the huntsmen, so I galloped up, Zhak was so quick that I ended up right behind the huntsmen, that was good fun, I think Zhak and I like being at the front best. By the end, we were absolutely covered in mud, having splashed through so many puddles I lost count! Filthy and tired but still smiling we got back to the trailer 4 hours after setting off. I'm so proud of my pony, he's the best pony in the world!

A really good day, thanks to Molly for keeping me company, and Libby for sharing the jelly that she brought!

Also, thanks to scary godmother and Alex for making this day possible!

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