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Mark Todd Short Waterproof Jacket Review

If you’ve seen any of my social media accounts or my reviews you’ll know I always like to look good while I’m out and about or riding, so I was delighted when I was sent the very smart Mark Todd Short Waterproof jacket to review*.

My first impression was that it actually looks better in real life than in the photos. The jacket is a particularly nice shade of blue, light enough not to be dull but not so light that it would show dirt easily. I liked the classy looking little metallic badge, and the soft grey fleecy inside collar was a good touch. The jacket is quite fitted, and I loved the shorter length. The belt cinches you in at the waist nicely though I did get a bit confused doing up the buckle. It is the same buckle as on my cooler rug but you know when it’s upside down because you are doing it yourself and you’re left handed?

Now, as you can imagine trying out a waterproof, padded jacket, perfect for autumn days in the middle of a heat wave has got to be a challenge right? Right. But I did it anyway.

I wore the jacket to ride Halen in all 3 paces, including working without stirrups. I found there were some really cool features. There are actually thumb holes so that on cold days you can pull the inside cuffs down to warm your hands, this was my favourite feature and one I know I’ll use! There is also a magnetic closure at the neck to make sure you’re nice and snug, and the 2 way zip allowed me to undo the bottom of the jacket so it didn’t feel tight or stretched at my hips. I felt happy that I could move and wasn’t restricted at all. Of course as the jacket is padded I did get very warm. Very very warm, but this will be a good thing when the heat wave goes trust me!

Watching the dark clouds loom over the horizon I was hoping for some rain so I could try out the waterproof zips, but unfortunately after a few light spits, the clouds rolled disappointingly past. Guys, I didn’t suffer riding in that heat to only do half a review, so I decided I had to do something drastic to really abuse this jacket and put it through its paces. Out came the hose and I stood while mum absolutely drenched me! (I think she enjoyed this review a little bit more than she should have to be honest)

After a good hosing down for several minutes, which is more than you’d expect most jackets to stand up to, I was happy to see that literally one tiny drop of water had made it through where one of the belt loops were. Seriously impressive! The waterproof zip and all of the seams inside were still completely dry, I think you’d need to have an actual waxed coat to do any better than that.

All in all I really like this jacket, in fact you’re going to see me wearing it a lot. I think it’s ideal for as the days turn colder, it’ll definitely keep you warm and dry and looks super smart at the same time. The jacket also has a hidden removable hood which is great for when you’re mucking out in the damp.

Is there anything I would change about this jacket? Not really, I genuinely like shorter jackets, but maybe Mark Todd could think about making a longer version for people who like more coverage?

My favourite feature? There were plenty of good ones but definitely the thumb holes so I can keep my hands warm, and just that it looks good!

The Mark Todd Short Waterproof Jacket is available from all Trilanco stockists. Just google and pick your favourite trusted seller!

*This is not a paid review

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