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A Try at Arena cross

Arena Cross is like 2 phases of a one day event, just missing out the dressage, and on this ocasion it was indoors. You jump a round of showjumps, and then go round a course of cross country style fences, part of it is against the clock. I'd never tried before, so went along to the event run by Ackworth and District Riding Club at Moorhouse Equestrian Centre.

We arrived so late to arena cross that I had to run in still pulling on my showjacket and ask to be put in last while my mum parked the trailer and tacked my pony up! I was already too late to walk the course, so had to watch a few people before getting on. I was a nervous wreck, having slept in and generally been stressed about getting to the show, but at least I was riding zhak, and as usual, he was an absolute superstar!!! He jumped me a cracking clear round, he flew over every fence including the very different looking indoor cross country jumps!! What a good boy he is, in fact it was me who went wrong! I got a little lost between the cross country jumps and the showjumps, and turned a circle crossing my tracks and it was such a shame, because Zhak had been jumping so well, and I am so proud of him! oh well, we all have those days - my mum says I definately need a sat nav when I get in the ring because I get lost so often! Apart from the incident, we rode a cracking round and I couldn't be happier with Zhak! After all the rushing about, we went back to the yard and made sure Zhak was all nice and comfy before going home for a nice relaxing evening.

Thanks to my amazing mum Linda for paying for my class and for helping with the horse and generally being so supportive, helpful, and caring when it comes to me and my horses. also thanks to the team at Moorhouse Equestrian Centre for giving me that much needed extra time when they didnt need to, and to Ackworth and District Riding club for a well run and friendly event!


And obviously, it's also made possible by my lovely sponsors, Stone House Solutions, and The Emporium at Wentworth

xoxo, showjumperchick

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